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Why Intelis?

Raise More Money

Intelis enables its clients to use the Internet to extend the reach of fundraising and participation efforts. We help you raise more money by making it easier for people to participate in your events and make donations to your cause!

With Intelis you don't need a web site, webmaster or Internet programming skills to raise funds online. All you need is a good cause.

Intelis can help your organization:

  • Contact More Donors -- Reach more donors more often for less money.
  • Improve Volunteer Effectiveness -- Help your volunteers help you. Give them the tools to easily raise money on your behalf from their friends and colleagues.
  • Increase Donations and Donation Amounts -- Enlarge your donor base and increase donation amounts by giving donors an easy, secure, trackable way to donate.

Have More Control

With Intelis, your organization staff can do more with less. Our modules enable your staff to more easily manage and control fundraising events and campaigns, and lower their cost. With Intelis, you can:

  • receive donations directly, into your own Internet Merchant Account.
  • avoid costly per-donation fees that can erode your available funds.
  • cut staff time and paperwork associated with managing fundraisers.

Contact Us today to learn how we can help you!

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