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Why Intelis?

Intelis Pricing

At Intelis, our goal is to make our tools work for you. Both our system and our pricing structure are designed to enable you to raise and keep more money.

To become an Intelis client, your organization will pay a one-time setup fee, and a flat ongoing maintenance fee. Some important features of Intelis' pricing structure include:

No Per-Event or Per-Campaign Fees
With Intelis, most organizations will not pay additional fees to set up new events or donation campaigns. This means that you can use Intelis for all your events and campaigns, without worrying about additional expenses for each. (Some restrictions apply.)
No Renewal Fees
The Intelis setup fee is a one-time fee, not an annual renewal fee. Once your account and custom web site are set up, your organization will be able to use Intelis for just the maintenance fee cost.
No Donation / Payment Percentage Fees To Intelis
When you become an Intelis client, we work with you and your bank to set up a merchant account in your organization's name. All donations and registration fees that come through Intelis go into that account. Intelis does not take a percentage of those payments, and does not hold your funds.

Funding Options

Most fundraising organizations have several options for funding Intelis setup and maintenance fees.

Additional Revenue
Intelis tools will help you generate more revenue in event registration fees and donations. This will more than offset costs associated with Intelis.
Most communities have foundations that offer grants specifically targeted to infrastructure or technology development. Your organization's investment in Intelis can fall under either of these types of grant requests, which are typically separate and apart from grants for operating funds.
Web Site Sponsorship
Intelis builds each of its clients a custom web site for that client's Intelis functionality. Your custom web site can include an area for recognizing one or more web site sponsors, which can be local businesses or foundations in your community. These site sponsor areas can contain logos, with links to the sponsors' web sites.
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