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Why Intelis?

What We Do

Intelis is a completely web-based, integrated constituent management system that enables you to manage your events and fundraising campaigns, seamlessly integrate them into your existing web site, and offer new tools to your constituents.

Donation Campaigns

Intelis enables you to better manage all your donation efforts, and to raise more money by giving your fundraising partners solicitation and tracking tools. With Intelis, you can ...

  • Track donations by donation target, campaign and solicitor
  • Give peer-to-peer fundraising tools to your partners to help them raise money for you
  • Provide online reporting tools for your partners to track their progress
  • Accept online donations to any of your funds and campaigns

For more information on Intelis' campaign tools, click the Campaigns link.


Intelis enables you to manage and track participants for all your events, and offer integrated online tools to your event participants. With Intelis, you can ...

  • Offer integrated online event signup and payment for all your events on your web site
  • For peer-to-peer fundraising events, provide tools to event participants to help them raise money for you
  • Display a coordinated event calendar that displays all your events
  • Track your event participants, no matter how they sign up

To learn more, click the Events link.

How Intelis Works

As an Intelis client, your organization receives access to the Intelis client interface. Using a web browser, you'll be able to use Intelis to manage your events and fundraising campaigns. You can securely access your data from any Internet connection, and you'll never have software to manage or update.

Your organization will also receive a unique Intelis consumer interface. This extension to your existing web site is what your constituents will use to sign up for events, view your calendar, make donations, and more.

Click the Consumer Interface link for more information on your Intelis consumer interface.


With Intelis, your organization pays a one-time setup fee, and a flat ongoing maintenance fee. There are no per-event or per-campaign charges, and no per-payment percentage fees. The more you use Intelis, the more money you'll raise, and the more you'll keep!

For more information on Intelis' pricing structure, click Pricing.

Start raising more money for your organization with Intelis! Contact us today for more information.

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