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Why Intelis?

Other Campaign Ideas

With Intelis, you can provide Internet tracking and solicitation tools for almost any fundraising effort. Some other campaigns that Intelis can support include:

  • Alumni Campaigns — Schools and other educational institutions can organize campaigns for alumi. Teams can be set up by class or geography, or individual alumni can each become partners.
  • Activity Campaigns — People and groups can become partners to raise money for specific activities such as scholarships, entry fees or expenses.
  • Celebrity Campaigns — Well-known people in your community become partners. Anyone donating to the campaign receives a letter, call or personalized gift from the celebrity partner on behalf of whom they donated.
  • In Memoriam Campaigns — People can become partners to solicit on behalf on loved ones that were close to your organization.

Intelis enables you to have several active campaigns at once, so you can use Intelis for all your fundraising efforts. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you!

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