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Why Intelis?

Manage Your Online Fundraising

With Intelis, you can ...

  • Extend all your events and campaigns to the Internet
  • Provide a seamless experience for your constituents
  • Leverage social networks and email for your events and campaigns
  • Manage and track all your online donations in one place
  • Keep more of the money you make!

Intelis delivers a suite of Internet modules that help you accelerate giving campaigns, organize and manage fundraising events and facilitate workshops and classes.

Intelis configures and manages these tools for you, so you don't have to learn software or programming. You can do what you do best, and you can do more of it!

OVERVIEW -- Intelis enables you to easily bring your events and fundraising campaigns to the Internet in an integrated, coordinated way.

CAMPAIGNS -- Intelis enables you to accept online donations, offer Internet tools for fundraising partners so they can help fundraise for you, and track all your donations and campaigns in one place.

EVENTS -- With Intelis, you can track event participants and enable people to view your event calendar and sign up for your events from your web site.

WHY INTELIS? -- Many companies offer Internet support services to fundraising organizations. Why should you choose Intelis? Find out here.

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