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Why Intelis?

Intelis Campaign Tools

Donation Funds
With Intelis, you can set up an unlimited number of donation funds. You can set up a General Fund, as well as targeted funds for scholarships, capital projects, targeted operating activities, and more. Each fund can be enabled to accept online donations through your Intelis Consumer Interface.
Donation Campaigns
Donation Campaigns are the primary tool your organization can use to raise funds through Intelis. You can set up a Campaign to match almost any fundraising effort, including Board Of Directors Campaigns, Workplace Giving Campaigns, and more. Each Intelis Campaign can have overall goals, partner-specific goals, and timeframes, and each gets its own Campaign Home Page on your Intelis Consumer Interface.
Campaign Partners
Within each Intelis Campaign, you can set up individual or group Campaign Partners. Each Campaign Partner gets their own Home Page within the Campaign on your Intelis Consumer Interface. Online donations can be made on the Partner's behalf from their home page. Campaign Partners can also send email solicitations to their contact list, and get reports of donations pledged and received.
Tracking & Reporting
With Intelis, you can track all your donations, whether or not they were made online. You can enter or import donations, and track donations by fund, campaign, and campaign partner (solicitor). Campaign Partners can log into your Intelis Consumer Interface and review their donations any time.
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