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Why Intelis?

Add new tools to your fundraising campaigns!

With Intelis, your fundraising campaigns will:

  • Reach more people by providing new tools to your fundraisers to help them increase asks.
  • Achieve more and higher donations from individuals by enabling them to donate easily via the Internet.
  • Save staff time by providing automated, web-based reporting tools to your campaign partners so they can track their progress.
  • Extend your message driving potential donors to your web site.

To learn more about the Campaign tools in Intelis, click How It Works.

Intelis can help you streamline almost any type of fundraising campaign. Click on the examples below for more information:

With Intelis, you maintain complete control over your web presence and your funds. You don't need a webmaster or technical skills; just a good cause!

Contact Intelis today to find out more about how you can raise more money from your campaigns!

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