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Why Intelis?

Help your volunteers raise more money in less time!

The key to any walk-a-thon, bowl-a-thon, or other volunteer fundraising event is for the individual volunteers to be successful. The more money they raise, the more money your organization keeps!

Intelis enables you to provide your volunteers with web, emaili and social networking tools to help them raise money for you. Did you know:

  • Studies show that potential donors are up to 5 times more likely to give due to an email or social network request than from a mailer!
  • With Intelis, your volunteers will be able to send a request to their entire email list, or solicit all their social networking contacts in less time than it takes to make one phone call!
  • Volunteers can also see where they stack up against others in the event. Competition makes everyone work just a little harder!

With Intelis, you receive:

  • A Customized Web Site -- We can use your existing web site as a template, or work with you to design a look and feel specifically for your event.
  • A Complete Event Solution -- Your event web site will provide your volunteers with tools to help them start teams, join teams, solicit and accept donations, and track their progress.
  • All Technical Maintenance & Management -- Intelis hosts and manages your site for you, so you don't need any equipment or technical skills.
  • Integration With Your Online Merchant Account -- Intelis integrates your site with your online merchant account, so you get your donations right away! If you don't have an online merchant account, Intelis can help you set one up through your bank.
  • Full Management Reporting -- The Intelis system includes reports for your staff on volunteers, donors, donations and more!
  • Integration with Other Intelis Modules -- Your A-Thon event data will automatically flow into your Intelis Contacts and Donations modules. With Intelis, you can track donors and participants across events, fundraising campaigns, and more.

To see a demonstration of an Intelis Event Support solution and to get more information about how we can help make your events more successful, Contact Us.

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